Coagulation Monitor

Blood Coagulation Monitor


Critically needed technology to help save the lives of injured warfighters and trauma patients


Enterprise Sciences is developing an innovative low-cost, rugged, portable medical instrument to detect coagulopathy (blood clotting disorders) and to monitor the effectiveness of treatment for trauma, surgery, and other patients with serious bleeding disorders. Management of blood clotting disorders is a serious challenge in treating injured warfighters and civilian trauma patients. A portable, cost-effective real-time instrument at the bedside would be instrumental in saving lives, guiding treatment decisions, and managing the blood supply efficiently.

This ambitious project is an example of a full start-to-finish R&D project where Enterprise Science invented the core technology and has performed development all the way to fabricating fully functional prototypes. The project included conceptualization, analytical and numeric analysis, multi-physics modeling, laboratory research to validate the technology, breadboard hardware development, engineering design, software development, and full prototype fabrication at our own facility. The program has completed two rounds of feasibility and development funding and is starting a third round of funding to bring the instrument to pre-production status.

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