About Us

Partnering with experts

By reaching out to a community of experts, facilities, and partners, Enterprise Sciences extends its productive potential and collaborates on an opportunistic basis. We have successfully partnered with university-based research institutions, notably with University of Maryland’s Medical School and with the Electro-Optics Center (EOC) based at Penn State University, as well as with private companies who offer product design and packaging services.

Collaborative research

Over many years of collaboration with EOC, we have delivered leading-edge science and technology solutions to address issues in laser induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS), challenges in power spectrum measurement of microwave emissions using UltraShort Pulse lasers, and improved diagnostics for quality control of femtosecond laser machining of various materials. These projects demonstrate our ability to support remote sensing efforts using laser probes and spectroscopic detection of unknown or hazardous materials, as well as our expertise in designing advanced laser process diagnostics and optimizing laser machining activities.