Fiber Optic Quality Control

Technology for non-destructive testing of fiber optic preforms used in the fabrication of complex fiber optics Enterprise Sciences was engaged to help optimize an optical diagnostic system being developed to measure the index … … read more!

Anti-Tamper Technology

Technology that denies access to critical program information when systems are tampered with or lost in the field Enterprise Sciences has developed new technology to protect advanced microelectronic devices from tampering by the … … read more!

Coagulation Monitor

Critically needed technology to help save the lives of injured warfighters and trauma patients Enterprise Sciences is developing an innovative low-cost, rugged, portable medical instrument to detect coagulopathy (blood clotting disorders) and to … … read more!

Extreme Pressure Shocks

Design of experiments to probe matter under the extreme conditions that may be found in advanced weapon systems Enterprise Sciences supported experimental research at the Los Alamos National Laboratory to study physics problems … … read more!

3D Medical Imaging Technology

Structured light technology for precise quantitative imaging in support of laparoscopic and robotic surgery Enterprise Sciences was engaged to further advance a basic structured light imaging technique into a full quantitative 3D imaging … … read more!

Short-Pulse Laser Machining

Optical, spectroscopic, and laser probing research to improve femtosecond and picosecond laser machining technology Enterprise Sciences supported experimental research to understand and optimize short-pulse laser machining of difficult to machine ceramic and metal … … read more!

Hot Vapor Detection

Spectroscopy and high temperature heat-pipe oven technology for production and detection of various material vapors Enterprise Sciences was engaged to develop spectroscopic methods for detecting the presence of specific material vapors in rocket … … read more!

Laser Fusion Implosion Physics

Ultra high speed imaging and laser diagnostics used in experiments to measure fusion implosion instabilities Enterprise Sciences supported experimental research at the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory to study various physics problems associated with … … read more!

Hand-Held Substance Detection

Raman laser-spectroscopy technology for detection of unknown substances and for material quality control assurance Enterprise Sciences helped develop new portable Raman spectroscopy instruments to detect the identity of unknown substances and for quality … … read more!