About Us

R&D excellence delivers market success


Enterprise Sciences excels at injection of in-depth scientific analysis and modeling based on the physical sciences into the overall concept development and validation process, yielding innovations with a greater chance of practical success.

This strength is complemented by an efficient design and prototyping process that leverages in-house capabilities to perform design as well as fabrication and testing of prototypes using a continual feedback loop. Delays that can ensue from handling these discrete functions by separate groups are thus avoided. By addressing production phase issues such as final materials, scalability, system interdependencies, and maintainability early on, we avoid costly re-engineering at later stages.

Our state-of-art modeling and simulation tools allow us to predict how a prototype-stage device may function and interact physically. This enables us to quickly deliver physical embodiments that facilitate product commercialization decisions.

Agility for fast response

Our small size allows us to respond quickly and flexibly, unencumbered by layers of management or bureaucratic procedures. Your key user or stakeholder works directly with the key technical person on our staff.

Familiarity with both government and industry

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Having worked many years in government laboratories, our senior scientists and engineers understand government R&D environments, while our business management draws upon 20 years’ experience in life cycle product management, commercialization, and global marketing at Fortune 10 companies.

Ideal location for support and collaboration

Our location in the greater Washington D.C. area provides convenient proximity to federal agencies and laboratories, major government contractors, and leading research institutions. This facilitates attentive support of our local customers as well as collaboration with remote businesses who wish to serve our local markets.

Ability to execute sensitive projects

In response to the technology-intensive and intelligence-driven requirements of our client base, we have acquired the ability to handle security-sensitive projects, enabling support of initiatives aimed at safeguarding our society and its critical resources.