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Capability for Comprehensive Development

RD2_capabilities_150_150Computer support engineer installing processor

Enterprise Sciences combines science with a synergistic set of integrated design, engineering, modeling, prototyping, and testing capabilities to deliver innovative, tangible, and successful technology solutions.

Applied Science

Harnessing the power of scientific insight from all relevant disciplines to solve the core problems unique to your technology or product.


Applying our robust mechanical and electrical engineering resources to design and implement devices and electronic systems at the required level of sophistication.

Modeling and Simulation

Optimizing designs and predicting performance in advance of physical embodiment by means of computational modeling.


Producing compact, intuitive software for the embedded computing elements, data processing needs, or control functions of your implemented technology or device.

Optics and Imaging

Developing systems with optical elements to handle projecting, collecting, and managing light and image information for your product or technology platform.

Sensing and Instrumentation

Providing advanced sensing input solutions for your diagnostics functions and applications.

System Design & Integration

Ensuring that all the components of your product or technology operate in concert and perform seamlessly.

Prototyping and Validation

Providing rapid turn-around fabrication, assembly, and testing of hardware prototypes to determine feasibility and concept validation.