Multidisciplinary Engineering — for innovative, robust design and implementation


Mechanical Engineering

Designing, understanding, and fabricating mechanical parts and assemblies is one of our core competencies. Our talented team has the right design, analysis, and fabrication tools to get the job done expertly and on schedule. Dedicated 3D CAD workstations and in-house CNC machines enable quick design-to-prototype productivity.

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Our mechanical engineering capabilities include:

  • Computer aided design (CAD) of 3D parts, assemblies, and integrated devices
  • Structural and thermal analysis as well as strict design for manufacturability (DFM) capability
  • CAM programming for numerical machining
  • Rapid prototyping and fabrication with CNC machining and 3D printing
  • Fabrication, screen printing, and firing of 3D green ceramic assemblies
  • Broad material capability—including metals, plastics, composites, and ceramics

Electrical Engineering and Custom Electronics

Electronics is a critical part of most technologies and devices in today’s industries. We are ready to integrate electronics in any technology or product that we develop. Our full service electrical engineering team can design and build virtually any needed electronic circuit or system, be it an embedded computer, RF system, high-voltage power driver, or motor controller. We have a dedicated electronics facility for breadboarding circuits, assembling PC boards, and testing the operation of electronic systems.

electronics_PCboard_capabilities_300_200Semiconductor processor chip on the fingersignals_capabilities_300_200
Our electrical engineering and electronics capabilities include:

  • Analog, digital, RF, and mixed-signal system design pulsed power, high voltage, and RF circuit design
  • Printed circuit (PCB) and hybrid ceramic board design, breadboarding, prototyping, and validation
  • Miniature high-voltage and pulsed-power system design and fabrication
  • Embedded processor and FPGA programming and configuration
  • Integration of custom electronics and embedded computing in instruments, controllers,
    data acquisition systems, product prototypes, and research experiments