Optics & Imaging


Optics & Imaging

Comprehesive Optical Design and Development — adding light processing and vision capability to your innovation


Optics, Lasers, and Imaging

Take advantage of Enterprise Sciences’ extensive capabilities in developing imaging, laser, spectroscopy, illumination, interferometry, fiber optics, and other complex optical systems.

  • Use of state-of-the-art optical design and modeling tools
  • Dedicated facilities for developing and validating optical and laser hardware
  • Experience in defense and commercial optical systems

Optical System Modeling and Design

Using ZEMAX ™ ray tracing and physical optics modeling tools, experts at Enterprise Sciences are ready to design, model, and characterize optical systems with respect to:


  • Image quality
  • Optical throughput
  • Focusing
  • Abberation analysis
  • Illumination performance
  • Diffraction properties
  • Beam propagation
  • Thermal performance

Systems can be optimized for the use of COTS optical components or designed with custom optics, depending on the project’s requirements. We can design and optimize complete optical systems if called for, or else evaluate specific optical components or sub-systems.

Optical System Prototyping and Validation

Enterprise Sciences excels at transitioning optical designs into working and validated hardware in our dedicated facility for optical development. Our capabilities include:


  • Optical system breadboarding
  • Precise fixturing
  • COTS and custom optics and opto-mechanics
  • Integration with mechanical and electronic systems
  • Full optical system prototypes
  • Laser integration
  • Camera and sensor integration
  • Optical performance testing, validation, and certification