Hardware Prototypes — ensuring a successful outcome through rapid fabrication and testing that demonstrate feasibility and validate your concept


Rapid Prototyping

Enterprise Sciences maintains a full research laboratory and extensive prototyping facilites to enable rapid in-house production and testing of integrated alpha, beta, and pre-production prototypes. By minimizing coordination between multiple outside vendors, our vertical integration permits fast turn-around times.

Our Prototyping Capabilities include:

milling_capabilities_300_200Computer support engineer installing processoroptics_proto_capabilities_300_200

  • CNC machining and 3D printing — Quick in-house production of arbitrarily shaped mechanical parts and assemblies from aluminum, steel, stainless steel, brass, plastic, composites, and ceramics.
  • Analog, digital, and RF electronics — Design and production of custom electronics in breadboard as well as full printed circuit board configurations. We routinely build custom electronics incorporating analog, digital, and mixed signal circuits, high frequency, high power, and high voltage components, as well as microprocessor and micro-controller devices on custom printed circuit boards. As part of our electronic capability we can configure and pre-program embedded computers, FPGAs and controllers.
  • Printed Circuit (PC) and Ceramic Boards — Layout and assembly of PC boards with leaded and surface mount electronic components.   Layout, printing, and high temperature firing of LTCC green ceramic boards and assemblies.
  • Screen Printing — Precision printing of solder, metallic pastes, dielectrics, and adhesives on ceramics and other materials.
  • High Voltage and Pulsed Power — Miniature high voltage sources and controlled pulsed-power systems, including fast capacitor banks and Marx generators.
  • Optical and Imaging Systems — Development of breadboard and complete optical systems integrating lenses, fibers, mirrors, filters, gratings, lasers, sensors, imaging detectors and other elements.

Laboratory Testing and Validation Facilities

Enterprise Sciences maintains laboratory facilities for mechanical, electronics, optics, and general research testing and validation of prototype products and technologies.

ESI_laser_testing_capabilitiesindustrial programmer checking computerized machine status with laptop computerSpectroscopy_capabilities_300_200

  • Electronics — For electronic and RF hardware development and testing, Enterprise Sciences’ facilities contain a full electronics laboratory with a printed circuit assembly pick-and-place machine, computerized stencil and screen printer, reflow oven, hot air rework station, high speed oscilloscopes, high voltage probes, RF spectrum analyzers, LRC meters, logic analyzers, signal generators, high voltage power supplies, high power (1KW) impedance matching hardware, 1KW 13.56 MHz RF generator, RF mixers, RF detectors, RF amplifiers, embedded processor programmers, and a variety of general electronic instrumentation.
  • Optics — For optical system testing and validation we have a dedicated optics lab with optical breadboards, diode and Nd:Yag lasers, laser diagnostics, spectroscopy diagnostics, imaging diagnostics, fiber optics, and stock optical and opto-mechanical components. Prototype optical systems are quickly set up and tested for system functionality and optical performance including instrument transfer functions, resolution, contrast, depth-of-field, distortion, and other characteristics.
  • Mechanical and General R&D — For mechanical and general scientific development and testing, our facilities include mechanical metrology tools, laser metrology tools, optical inspection and microscopy tools, spectroscopy diagnostics, pneumatic systems, vacuum systems and vacuum processing capability, high temperature processing ovens, precision lapping capability, and a high pressure press.