Early Stage Product and Technology Development
Validate new concepts and realize fast, low-risk development by utilizing Enterprise Sciences’ unique interdisciplinary capabilities that integrate science with engineering.


Concept to Prototype

Apply our experienced team’s analytical and computational analysis, along with our integrated laboratory and engineering resources, to help mature your ideas for quick transition to validated, working prototypes.

R&D Support

Supplement your in-house capabilities with Enterprise Sciences’ on-demand engineering design and prototyping support, instrumentation and data acquisition resources, or custom optical systems expertise.

Modeling & Simulation

Experience faster development and avoid costly dead-ends by taking advantage of our advanced multi-physics and engineering simulation, modeling, and design tools. Predict the performance of physical, thermal, optical, and electrical systems early on, so that trial-and-error testing can be eliminated and the overall process streamlined.

Scientific Consulting

Evaluate problems across a broad range of disciplines from optics and spectroscopy to fluid dynamics, plasma physics, and laser applications by leveraging our scientific consulting services. With Enterprise Sciences designing and executing your laboratory and computation experiments, you can focus your resources on mission critical activities.