Product Development


Concept to Prototype

Accelerate your path to market — with fast, low-risk development of early stage concepts


Innovation with a customer focus

Rather than having a technology focus, we let the needs of our customers guide our choices. Our unique team combining strong innovation skills, science expertise, and engineering capabilities works together to find the best solutions for maturing and validating your product or technology concepts.

Design backed by engineering and science expertise


We apply our strategic innovation process to perfect and implement your ideas.

  • In Discovery, we establish design requirements by taking customer input and adding to it our assessments guided by scientific principles and the rigors of physical analysis, modeling, and simulation.
  • In Core Design, representative designs are generated with standard engineering tools for 3D mechanical layout, electronic circuits, optics, software, system design, and other aspects. Throughout the process, interactive modeling and analysis serve to fine-tune and optimize the designs.
  • In Refinement, completed designs are reviewed with respect to project requirements. Designs and models are updated to achieve full compliance with project objectives.

At all stages, we work with our customers to ensure they are aware of design milestones and real-world constraints.

Validation with functional prototypes

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  • We can build what we design — using our extensive in-house prototyping capability to CNC machine 3D mechanical parts and assemblies, lay out and assemble electronic circuit boards, fabricate optical assemblies, implement embedded computing, write control software, and much more. We develop our prototypes as systems, where everything comes together in a fully functional prototype per specs.
  • We can test what we build — completed prototypes are routinely tested in our evaluation laboratory that is equipped with a broad array of instrumentation.

Streamlined path to commercialization

From the start, our designs and engineering are focused on prototyping that incorporates Best Practices features for follow-on production. In this way, you achieve validation as well as a head start on productizing your concept.

For final development, manufacturing, and commercialization, we work closely with industrial design firms to help you finalize your product.  We supply complete analysis and design documentation, mechanical drawings, schematics, PC board layouts, software, and testing data.