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R&D Support

Expand your R&D options cost-effectively — with on-demand technical and scientific support


Research and Development

Our R&D services are focused on solving integrated physical science and engineering problems for our customers – remotely or on-site. Whether clients need to augment in-house scientific resources or outsource entire projects, they benefit from the personal attention of seasoned scientific and engineering talent.

Our R&D Services Include:

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  • Laboratory Research – We solve problems in optics, imaging, laser applications, spectral sensing, fluidics, electromagnetics, plasmas, metrology, and much more.
  • Integrated Engineering – We design and fabricate mechanical parts and assemblies, fluid and pneumatic systems, analog and digital electronics, pulsed-power and high voltage systems, embedded computing systems, optical systems, and other types of advanced technology systems.
  • Instrumentation and Data Acquisition – We develop and implement tools for monitoring, recording, and controlling industrial and research processes and experiments.
  • Diagnostics – We design and implement systems to detect and measure specific physical events with specialized sensors. Examples include imaging, spectroscopy, laser-probing, radiation detection, thermometry, substance detection, proximity sensing, pressure monitoring….
  • System Prototypes and Breadboards – We support research projects by developing physical embodiments of research inventions, mechanical parts, electronics, optical systems, and various other supporting hardware for research.
  • Testing and Verification – We are equipped with laboratories and facilities for a variety of advanced measurements and tests of mechanical, electronic, RF, optical, spectroscopic, fluid, pneumatic, vacuum and laser systems.