Forging science and technologyIntegrating science and technical acumen to deliver practical solutions to complex problems

Enterprise Sciences is a multidisciplinary research and development firm that integrates expertise in the physical sciences with engineering analysis and design capabilities in a strategic innovation process to arrive at the optimal solution for a client’s requirements. With the resources and know-how to develop functional prototypes that demonstrate feasibility, practicality, and performance in an accelerated R&D process, we provide our government and industry clients a path toward rapid implementation.

technicianInnovation with a customer focus

Rather than seeking applications for internally driven technologies, we let the specific needs of our customers guide us to the relevant science and technology, which then pave the way toward the best technical and business solutions. Our rigorous evaluation of technological alternatives from a breadth or perspectives affords our customers access to unbiased and creative options that they may not have considered.

Early stage mitigation of technical risk

Our strategic innovation process examines all technical aspects of a complex problem at an early stage by applying interdisciplinary scientific, engineering, and modeling skills in an integrated methodology. While evaluating the fundamental technological concept, our team also analyses the supporting technologies involved in its practical embodiment, thereby facilitating the down-selection of options. This approach increases the probability of success and helps clients avoid costly dead-ends and re-engineering delays.

Applied physics for technology development

We specialize in disciplines that lie at the foundation of continually evolving technologies and applications across diverse fields such as medicine, communications, defense, security, manufacturing, and environmental protection.

  • Optics
  • Spectroscopy
  • Fluid dynamics
  • Multi-physics analysis
  • Lasers and laser applications
  • Plasma physics applications